Last updated: 10 January 2023 
Last reviewed: 10 January 2023 



Thank you for using Preglife Connect and taking the time to read these Terms. Bej Technologies AB, 559242-5663, (“Bej Technologies”, “Preglife Connect”, “we”, “us”, “our”) provides the app, Preglife Connect (“App”), for parents who want to find like-minded individuals in their area and who are in similar stages of their parenting. 

These Terms are entered into between Preglife Connect and you as a User (“you”, “your”). Before you create an Account and use the Service, you must accept these Terms in full. We therefore ask you to read them carefully and not use the Service if you do not accept all the terms of this agreement. 

 1. Definitions

The words or phrases used in these Terms, which begin with a capital letter, shall have the following meanings: 

  • User(s): refers to any user of the Service after registration and approval of these Terms. 
  • Terms: this Terms and Conditions agreement. 
  • App(s): the Preglife Connect app, to which these Terms apply. 
  • Account: the personal interface where you can log in and fill in your Profile and through settings control how you use the Service and how you are matched with other Users. 
  • Profile: the space in the Service where you as a User can describe yourself and which can be partially seen by other Users. 
  • Service(s): refers to all services, whether paid or free, that are available to Users through the App. 


2. Authorisation and Access

2.1 Eligibility 

To use the Service, you must: 

  • be at least 18 years old; 
  • have the legal capacity to enter into agreements (i.e. not be under guardianship); 
  • have read and approved these Terms and our Privacy & Cookie Policy in advance; 
  • follow our code of conduct (see: §4.2); 
  • fill in the mandatory fields in connection with registration; and, 
  • have all the equipment required to install and use the App. 

You may not create more than one simultaneously active Account, but it is possible to create a new Account if you have deleted one previously. 

2.2 Your Account and login 

You need a personal Account and login to use the App. This can be created in three different ways: 

2.2.1 Facebook login 

If you choose to create an Account and log in using Facebook, you allow us to access and use certain Facebook account information, including, but not limited to, your public Facebook profile. For more information about the information that we collect from you and how we use it, see our Privacy & Cookie Policy. 

2.2.2 Apple login 

If you choose to create an Account and log in using your Apple account, you will be able to log in with this information in the future. For more information about the information that we collect from you and how we use it, see our Privacy & Cookie Policy. 

2.2.3 Email login 

When you create an Account with your email address, we use this to identify and verify registration. For more information about the information that we collect from you and how we use it, see our Privacy & Cookie Policy. 

2.3 Profile 

After logging in, you will be asked to provide some personal information to create your Profile. The information in your Profile is used to match you with other Users and you can adjust the information that you have provided at any time by proceeding to Settings and then See My Profile within the App. To change the search filter, press the filter button on the second screen. 

2.4 Unauthorised access 

Preglife Connect is not obliged and does not have the technical means required to wholly verify the identity of individuals who register for the Service. 

Regardless of the login method, you are responsible for protecting your login information and are responsible for all activities that take place during login with this information. If you think that someone has gained unauthorised access to your Account, please contact us immediately at [email protected]. 

2.5 Adblockers and programs that affect the App 

Preglife Connect cannot guarantee that the User will be able to use the Services if he/she uses a tool to remove pop-ups or equivalent; in this case, this feature must be disabled before you can use the Services. 

2.6 Maintenance 

Use of the Service may be temporarily prevented due to maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or for updating content and/or how it is presented. If possible, we will inform our Users before any maintenance work or updates that may affect the Service are made. 


  1. Features

There is no cost to register or use our Services, but data usage charges may apply from your Internet Service Provider. 

By registering for the Services, Users gain access to the following functions: 

  • Creating a Profile that is visible to other Users in the App, in accordance with the access restrictions chosen by the User him-/herself; 
  • Searching for compatible Profiles based on certain criteria; 
  • Viewing the Profiles of other Users, in accordance with the restrictions set by those Users; 
  • Contacting and responding to messages from other Users; 
  • Use of the App forum, with the opportunity to write posts, ask questions, or answer other Users. 


  1. Responsibilities and Rights

4.1 Information that you provide to us and that is shared through the Service 

The information that you provide must be accurate and truthful. The consequences that disclosure of such information may have for your or other Users’ lives is solely your responsibility. 

The User discloses and shares data, text, content, and images that affect him/her and his/her children via the Service on his/her own initiative. We will process the User’s personal data in accordance with the Privacy & Cookie Policy. We cannot be held responsible for any infringement of image rights and other intellectual property rights, honour, reputation, or confidentiality regarding the User or his/her children’s privacy that may arise due to the dissemination of information to the extent described in these Terms and our Privacy & Cookie Policy. 

4.2 Code of conduct and approval of audit functions 

Preglife Connect does not tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, or harassment. The equal value of all human beings is a matter of course. Everyone shall enjoy the same rights and opportunities, regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age. 

Posting on the forum for purely commercial purposes is not allowed, except where it is explicitly stated. The User is allowed to use the forum to buy and sell products privately, but Preglife Connect does not take any responsibility regarding anything that concerns the transaction between the buyer and seller.  

The quality of the Services expected of both Preglife Connect and its Users means that certain codes of conduct, as regards the conduct of all Users, are complied with by respecting third-party rights and applicable laws and regulations. In order to meet these requirements for individual responsibility and ethics, we allow all Users to report all content (of any format), behaviours, or comments of another User that appears to be in violation of applicable laws and regulations or these Terms, regarding the purpose of the Service, third-party rights, or general morality. 

Therefore, all Users must approve and accept that information that they provide, as well as their behaviour or comments made through the Service, may be reported by other Users and may be subject to moderation and/or control by us in the light of objective criteria. If this report or verification reveals that a User has violated any applicable laws or regulations or has breached their obligations under these Terms and code of conduct, we may exclude that User by deleting his/her Account, in accordance with §5.3, below. Depending on the behaviour or comments made by the User, the moderation team may decide to block all new registrations of the person concerned. 

4.3 Rights that you give us 

Preglife Connect may access, store, and disclose information from your Account and shared content if required by law or in good faith that such access, storage, or disclosure constitutes a legitimate interest, including: (a) following legal processes; (b) executing the agreement; (c) responding to claims that any content infringes the rights of third parties; (d) responding to your customer service requests; or (e) protecting the rights, property, or personal safety of Preglife Connect or any other person. 

Any software that we provide to you can automatically download and install upgrades, updates, or other new features. In many cases, you can adjust these automatic downloads through the device settings. 


  1. Termination of and Changes to the Service

5.1 Deletion 

You can at any time opt-out of receiving marketing communications or close your account by following on-screen instructions, or by contacting us at [email protected]. To close your account: open the App, select the settings icon, navigate through see my profile, remove my profile, and then remove, and finally verify your decision by following the link presented. Closing your account will prompt us to immediately delete or anonymise all Data for which we do not have a legal requirement to retain.

Once your Account has been terminated, these Terms will cease to apply, with the exception of the following provisions which will still apply to you and Preglife Connect: 

  • §4, in its entirety 
  • §5.2 
  • §6, §7, §8, §9, and §10, in their entirety 

5.2 Changes and updates 

We may update and change the content and features of the Service at any time in order to improve its quality. Users will be informed of major updates or changes in the App or via email.  

5.3 Our termination of your Account or deletion of certain content 

Preglife Connect can terminate your Account at any time without prior notice if we believe that you have breached these Terms. 

You also understand and agree that we may monitor or review all content that you publish as part of our Service. We may delete all content, in whole or in part, that in our opinion violates these Terms, applicable law, our code of conduct (see: §4.2) or may damage the reputation of the Service. 

We want to keep the App forum open to development according to our Users’ needs and not overly limit its use; at the same time, we take great care to create a safe and supportive atmosphere. Therefore, we will not tolerate any form of personal attack or other obvious violations of our code of conduct (see: §4.2). This means that we may delete posts that go against the purpose and regulations that we set around the forum – and in severe cases close your Account. 


  1. Third Parties and Marketing within the App

6.1 Advertisements and links 

When we allow you to use the Service, you agree that we, our subsidiaries, and our third-party partners, place advertising within the App. 

The Service may include advertisements and promotions offered by third parties and links to other websites or resources. Preglife Connect is not responsible for the availability (or lack thereof) of such external websites or resources. 

We remind you that visits and use of third-party websites are governed by their terms of use and that such visits and uses are made entirely at the User’s own risk. Preglife Connect cannot be held responsible for the terms or actions of such third parties. 

All problems related to a link or advertisement must be reported to us using the contact information in §10 of these Terms. 

6.2 Feedback and suggestions 

By sending suggestions or feedback to us regarding our Services, you agree that we may use and share such feedback anonymously, regardless of purpose and without compensating you. 


  1. Personal Data

Personal data belonging to Users is processed in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. 


  1. Applicable Law and Dispute

These Terms shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law. If you reside in a country other than Sweden, there may be mandatory consumer protection laws that provide you additional rights in addition to those specified in these Terms and in the Swedish consumer legislation, and in these cases such mandatory provisions take precedence. 

If it is not possible to reach an out-of-court solution regarding a dispute related to these Terms, the issue should instead be taken up in a general court in Sweden, unless the User resides in a country other than Sweden and foreign mandatory consumer protection laws provide a mandatory forum for consumer disputes. 

Furthermore, the User can also submit a complaint to the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform, found here: The European Commission will forward the User’s complaints to the competent national ombudsmen. 


  1. Changes to Preglife Connect’s Terms

We may periodically change these Terms as we, for example, add new features and Services, as we improve our current offerings, and as technologies and laws change. You can determine when these Terms were last revised by referring to the “Last Updated” legend at the top of this page. Any changes will become effective upon our posting of the revised Terms. We may provide notice to you of any changes. This notice may be provided by email, by posting the revised Terms on our Sites or App, or elsewhere in the Services, or by other means prior to the change becoming effective, consistent with applicable laws. 


  1. Contact Information

If you have questions about the contents of these Terms, you can at any time write to or email: 

Address: Bej Technologies AB, Bredgatan 4, 211 30 Malmö, Sweden 

  1. Email: [email protected]